Time to Play, Tinker, and Explore at PLAYDATE

 “I liked getting to explore and learn new things. I really enjoyed Makerspace and really enjoyed getting to create things.”

“I loved all the creative people and their willingness to share their ideas. Of course, the tech part was a blast!”

“Having time to play with all the ideas you find helpful! Also, getting all the resources to take home with you, which were added to by all the participants!”

A new kind of conference. 
No presenters. No agendas. Just playing.
Explore the things you've never had time to explore.
The PLAYDATE hosted at KRESA on May 5th provided statewide educators an opportunity to choose edtech topics they wanted to explore. Given a chance to offer suggestions for sessions, attendees then chose from eleven different options throughout the day. Sessions included BreakoutEdu, Makerspace, G-Suite, Blended Learning, Digital Books, Digital Creations, Digital Storytelling, LMS, Coding, Sketchnotes, and SeeSaw. 
A facilitator guides learning, but everything is hands-on. Participants share their learning in resource guides and during a finale idea slam.

​Check out some of the awesome creations from our PLAYDATE below and at #playdatemi and find more info on the PLAYDATE website. 

Thanks to Anthony Buza, Kellie DeLosSantos, Joe Rommel, and REMC for their help in bringing PLAYDATE to Kalamazoo!

Submitted by:
Tina Tribu
Kalamazoo RESA