Google Sites - Embedding an Awesome Table View

Awesome Table was an add-on that made sharing information from a spreadsheet very easy in the old Google Sites.  Guess what?  You are able to insert an Awesome Table in the New Google Sites! This is a dynamic way to share spreadsheet data - even data that changes often - and make it searchable for visitors to your website. 

Make your spreadsheet of data:

Look like this on your website:

Step 1: Set up your spreadsheet

Here are their directions for setting up the spreadsheet:
The basics - create your spreadsheet, making sure each column has a header at the top.  Add a second header row that sets up the filters and keywords - these tell Awesome Table how to display your spreadsheet.

Step 2: Connect the Aweome Table service with your Google Account
Once you set your spreadsheet up, you will need to log into this site with your Google Account:

Step 3: Build an Awesome Table view using their web app
Here are their directions in how to build a view to use on your website:
Basically you are identifying the spreadsheet, sheet and data range to use for the website.

Step 4: Add the link to your new Google Site
Here is how to add it to a webpage on your site:
Finally, you are sharing your spreadsheet and then using the URL to embed  the link on your site.  Google Sites converts it into a widget, giving you a look at the live data. 

Submitted by:
Melinda Waffle
Calhoun ISD