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Test 1 45%
Test 2 50%
Test 3 65%
Test 4 70%
Test 5 80%
Test 6 85%
Test 7 80%
And my average 67.8%

I was just getting the hang of it.
It finally clicked for me.  But now it doesn’t count.  I mean it does but not really.  Not enough to prove that I know what I’m doing.  Not enough to show that I’m improving.  But almost enough to prove that I’m not stupid and that I may in fact know what I’m talking about…know what I’m doing.


The middle child, the one who isn’t celebrated, the one who barely makes it.  The one who just inches by until…you know they do something extraordinary or until they manage to finally land a spot at the “above average” table.

***Let me for warn you…I don’t know where this blog is going? But I know this blog will speak to the hundreds and thousands that weren’t straight A students, who weren’t valedictorian, who didn’t graduate magna cum something and just graduated thank you Jesus cum laude… this blog is for them… for us.

So here it goes.

To the teachers of average students,Let me give you a public service announcement really quick, the “average student” is where it’s at!  See the “above average” doesn’t need me.  They have their parents, extended family, auxiliary groups, and those teachers who jump on the popular “above average” student bandwagon. They are going to grow regardless of your teachings.  They are a sure thing.
But “the average,” they need you.  They thrive on your every word, remember everything you say and work harder just so they won’t disappoint you.    “The Average” are the ones that make you laugh when you don’t want to admit it.  They are the ones, at the end of a day that has been hard and tough, a day when you are ready to give up and quit…they say to you. ”See you to tomorrow.” And you figure well hell I guess I better show up.  So, get up, get dressed and show out for them because you are making a difference even when test scores and/or data says otherwise.  You are making a difference, trust me.

To the parents of average students,Moms, Dads, Grandmas, and Pa-Pa’s I know being the guardian of an Average can be hard because your bragging rights are often times delayed.  At dinner parties, church, the local piggly wiggley when someone ask you, how is Tina or Tony doing? You get this heavy weight on your heart… a sense of hesitation. Especially after they have run off their child’s resume in 3 minutes or less that leaves you feeling like your child is doing better than me and I’m an adult.
It’s ok…but for now on don’t hesitate.  Just say, “Tina/Tony is doing great and you and her/he are having an awesome time exploring the endless possibilities that the Lord has in store for them.”
If it’s one thing I know about, The Average, they remember who was there encouraging them and pushing them through when they themselves didn’t think they were going to make it.  Don’t give up on them…trust me it will pay off in the end.

And now to “The Average”,First off, I want to apologize to you on behalf of schools, test scores and GPA’s for often times making you feel as though you don’t matter.  I apologize for every time you thought your best was good enough or for come in 50th or just plain old last.

But I do have 2 things to share with you…2 very important things!  Two things that will change your life forever.  Come as close as you can to this screen.  And read this next sentence as loud as you can.

“God sends ordinary people to do extraordinary things.”

That’s right.

Let me name a few.
  • Michael Jackson
  • Prince
  • Oprah Winfrey- was fired from her first job and considered average looking.
  • Dre- below C average student
  • Former vice-president Joe Biden
  • Jesus

Shocking huh!
See, and there are many, many more.  And guess what else, The Average have strong work ethic.  My former principal, Dr. Rod Atkins, would always say “There are some that are smarter than me but they can’t out work me”.  Want me to tell you why that is?  It’s because we are used to the struggle, the hard work, the intendancy and the focus to get it done.

And secondly, and this is just in case someone hasn’t told you.

“You are enough.” And “Thank you.”

Dear Readers,
Please click on this link https://flipgrid.com/ec8182 to help encourage, an “Average” student who may be thinking about giving up and struggling. It is my hope to share this with my students throughout the school year for encouragement.
If you would like to read more about the average student statistic click on the link below.
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Ron Madison
Genessee ISD