MakerClub Partners with Adrian District Library

This year the MakerClub had the opportunity to partner with the Adrian District Library to host Makers @ The Library. For the past two weeks MakerClub was held in the spacious basement of the library. The kids shared with children from around the county how fun and engaging a Makerspace can be. 

Cathy Chesher, the ADL Youth Services Librarian, was able to purchase and share many maker materials such as KEVA Planks, littlebits, Ozobots, and Strawbees along with supplying an abundance of cardboard fabrication materials, and the very popular button maker! 

Cathy's goal for partnering with us was to get a feeling of how children interact with the materials and each other in a Makerspace. I think we were able to accomplish that for her! The students loved having all the space to play and create and they showed a sense of pride while sharing knowledge and showing other children how the materials worked. 

What a great experience and opportunity for us all! I hope we can all continue to attend and invite people back to the ADL when the MakerSpace is open. It is an amazing opportunity for the children and adults in the City of Adrian. 

Submitted by:
Ann Smart
Lenawee ISD